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Diverse vacation in the vicinity to the Semiramis villa

One cannot overestimate the availability at the Semiramis villa of an own place to park and keep the yacht under safe conditions in winter. The villa owner can choose among the multitude of interesting routs to Greece, Italy or Croatia. If you only wish many charter companies will provide any services. Montenegro is a wonderful place for a sail boat travel – the landscape is mountainous but this has its advantages allowing you to enjoy the impressive Balkan sites. Montenegro has a more than 290 km (180 ml or 156 sea ml) long virgin coast line. The weather conditions in Montenegro (more than 250 sunny days a year and typical Mediterranean winds) are quite favorable for sailing.

   In a few minutes ride from the villa (about 2 km) there is a golf field Golf Driving Range belonging to the Lustica Bay company. The field is 100 ha large and has 18 holes. The field is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for professionals and for all others. A 30-minute game will cost 20 euros for amateurs, an hourly training – 30 euros. Open till the end of September as long as good weather stays and there is no rain.

The Adriatic Sea waters are highly transparent and clear. The wonderful conditions for diving and the availability of many underwater sites make Montenegro rather attractive for divers. Under the local law the divers must be over 12 years old, have a good health and hold certificates RADI, NAUI, PSSS or CMAS. For those holding an appropriate certificate there are diverse underwater tours with a guide including diving to underwater caves and that to the sunk ships (wrack diving). The prices start from 60 euros.
   Not far from the villa at the Lushtica peninsula there are several popular underwater tourist sites: near the Island of Mamula is the famous Blue Cave. You can get there in a small boat and enjoy the blue color of the water as the sun rays pierce it. In the Veslo Bay there is a rock under the same name. The rock goes down vertically for 70 m to a sandy bed. Here you can see amazing sea flora and fauna. At the same place is the Spring of Souls grotto. It is a grotto looking like a black hole going deep down to 30 metres.

Sea fishing
   When fishing at the Adriatic the most wanted are tuna and sward-fish. A successful fishing is possible where fish are many. At 15 miles in the Boko-kotor Bay down from its mouth there is the most fishy place on the whole sea shore. The most productive fishing at these parts is using a parangal (a throwing local tackle), trolling and spinning. You can own all the catch (not only the first fish as is often the case in other countries). Fishing starts at 7 a.m. and finishes at 7 p.m. Usually a team numbers 2-4 plus the master. The price is about 150 euros per participant and covers the boat lease, expenses for tackles, baits and fuel.

Kiting and windserfing
   The largest sandy beach in Europe – Velika Plaja - is in the South of Montenegro 10 km away from Ulcin and the so called Ulcin Riviera. This is a peculiar place where wind blows from sea to shore after 2 p.m. in summer. Hundreds kiters and windserfers come here during the long season. The long and extensive beach welcomes any number of people.

Motorcycle and car rides
   It is really not easy to find another place so good for those liking motorcycle and car travels. The combination of unique nature conditions, wonderful landscapes and sea views, mountainous roads and canyons as well as the availability of good food and of a comfort night shelter even far away from towns, all this makes Montenegro a true paradise for bikers and motorists. One should not either forget about the unique tourist sites accessible only by bike or in a small car. For example, the fantastic Ostrog monastery cut out in a vertical rock 900 m high over the sea level.

   The Balkan cuisine is well-merited and world famous. Here in Montenegro there are so many places where you can find a proof to his fact. And the prices are quite democratic. In Tivat even a most discerning visitor will leave many restaurants (for example Montenegrino) in full satisfaction and admiration. In Kalderovina, a village next to the villa, there is a famous fish restaurant where tourists come by boats. Just from the villa you can cross the bay and in 10 minutes get to Porto Montenegro where any restaurant features an amazing cooking. Besides, by sea you can quickly get to the Stari Mlini restaurant located in the Kotor Bay and country famous.

Taking photos 
   This small photo gallery is sufficient for a certain idea about the endless diversity of Montenegro beauties, landscapes and photo plots. In fact, here one can take photos with no end.

Underwater hunting
   Montenegro is still one of the few countries in the world where underwater hunting is allowed with never and no one asking for your license and checking if your trophies correspond to the list of the allowed to shoot. Real penalties await only those ‘’ hunters’’ who would wound the bathing people or cause damage to any property. The limestone reefs at the Montenegro shore are a shelter for fish, mollusks and cephalopods from the whole Adriatic, from sharks and barracudas to octopuses.



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