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Unique features of the offer

1. There is no other realty items for sale in Montenegro being located on a such big site so close to the sea and featuring such advantages.
2. The villa is just in front of the ”Porto Montenegro yachtsmen village” (Tivat) - a modern marina (port) and a city with dwelling houses, hotels and shopping malls. This is the most fashionable place in the whole Montenegro and most suitable for mooring of luxury yachts. By water on a private-owned boat you can get there in 5 minutes or in 20 minutes by car.
3. Only a 15 minutes ride from the Tivat airport. No other similar site on sale can boast such a proximity being so comfortable for incoming owners now.
4. The villa is built on the Lushtice peninsula where you can visit not only modern beaches but also newly set golf fields. This is a unique feature for Montenegro as well.
5. As the villa is located on the shore of a closed bay, here there are no storms so usual for these latitudes in winter. Thus the coast line and the pier will not be damaged.
6. The airconditionning is effected round the year with a thermal pump using sea water which considerably lowers the cost of cooling in summer and that of heating in winter including the heating of water in the pool. Photoelectric panels are also used in the power supply system..
7. It is a true delight looking at sea through the windows or from the terraces – so unique and unforgettable are the views. A big dolphin family has for many years lived in the Tivat Bay and you can often see them from the shore. Straight ahead you see the strait to the Kotor Bay squeezed by high mountains. On your left is the town of Hertsog-Novi, just in front – Tivat and Marina Porto Montenegro and more to the left – the peak of the Lovchen mountain that keeps the snow until May. The bay is constantly animated by boats – small sail yachts, motorboats and big cruise ships.
8. The fishermen will appreciate the place. It is widely known that fish stick to places with a sharp difference in depth. The Boko-kotor Bay (15 miles from the mouth) is the most fishy place of the whole coast line

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