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General Information

   The villa is a cascade-type building with an overall living space of ~600 m2, located at a 2,228 m2 site not far from the town of Krashitchi on the Lushtice peninsula in Montenegro.

   Here you can see the maps and photos of the villa.

Enlarged map

   The whole complex includes a parking up off the road, a cascade road down to the villa with a decorative stream, the very 4-level house with an inside atrium and swimming pool, three open terraces with a beautiful view on the Boko-kotor Bay, another swimming pool by one of the terraces and a road to the water place for the pier.

   The greening includes a wide range of fruit and decorative plants with the use of an automatic watering system. Already are planted oleanders, bugenviliyas , cypresses, as well as olive, fig, pomegranate, orange and tangerine trees etc.

 Premises on the floors:

Ground Floor:

  • Stares and corridor (20,2 m2)
  • Technical premise (6,7 m2 )
  • Bedroom 4 (50,0 m2) with a toilet (4,7 m2)
  • Interior yard (14,5 m2) with a comfort resting zone (20,0 m2)


First Floor:

  • Main entrance (3,2 m2)
  • Entrance hall (28,4 m2)
  • Toilet (4,8 m2)
  • Living room (61,1 m2)
  • Kitchen section (17,0 m2)
  • Dining room (34,0 m2)
  • Terrace (70,4 m2) with the main swimming pool (29,0 m2, depth 1,6 m.)

Second Floor:

  • Corridor and stares (14,2 m2)
  • Study room (21,6 m2) with a toilet (6,7 m2)
  • Terrace in front of the study room (61,2 m2)
  • Bedroom 3 (47,2 m2) with a dressing room (5,4 m2) and a toilet (17,0 m2)

Third Floor:

  • Watchman's room (12,6 m2) with a toilet (3,4 m2)
  • Through-passing terrace (14,5 m2) leading to the entrance of main building.
  • Corridor with stares (12,8 m2)
  • Bedroom 1 (26,1 m2) with a toilet (6,6 m2)
  • Bedroom 2 (51,6 m2) with a dressing room and a toilet (17,6 m2)

In front of the building there is a terrace with a stares leading to the ground floor. The second pool (30 m2) is situated behind the terrace.



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